John Braine
Stuff Wotsits and Thingies

A Shift Through The Shadows EP

Debut LP with three tracks, A Shift Through the Shadows, Trontsephora and Trontsehora (Funk D'void mix)

Emoticon Sampler

This was the first release on the Emoticon label, the sister label of Headspace. Here's Shmegly...

Psychokinesis CD

One track on this psychonavigation compilation, Masuri Kabasa...

ALLied Compilation

I did the opening and closing tracks on this CD, Intro and Outro...

The Ground Floor

One track on this Front End Synthetics compilation, La Belle Shyanne and another track on the Neuromantek compilation, Ink Edit

Unreleased music

  • 4-4-electro thing
  • Budgie
  • Blowfish
  • Doodle
  • Midnight Blue
  • Manhattan
  • Old skool thingy
  • Peter
  • The Story

Blah Blah

This is all a bit Creme Brulee because I used to make music and DJ and all that a few years ago and I don't any more. Yet I'm still chucking it onto a web site. I suppose it was such a huge part of my life for a long time that I don't want to delete it from history.

Anyway. I started making music in about 1990. It's the sole reason I bought a computer in the first place. And didn't even know how to turn it on when it arrived. I built up a small midi studio and eventually released an ep in '94, which did pretty well. A Funk D'void remix grabbed a lot of attention. I also appeared on several compilations. One compilation called ALLied, I organised, designed, and mastered (ask me for a free copy!). I've pretty much given up music and djing since the arrival of the baba! I kinda lost lost my flair for it before that though anyway.

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  • History of Dublin Clubbing
  • Hardcore you know the score!
  • Acoustic Phenomenon Thesis